Sunday, February 15, 2015

WebQuest: Learning Through Internet Interaction

Let's begin with the basics...

What is a WebQuest:
A WebQuest lives online. It guides students through a process of learning by breaking a large project into smaller parts. Students can complete a WebQuest individually or in small groups.
What is it's purpose:
A WebQuest is focused on a doable task that is interesting,
it requires a higher level of thinking
it includes creativity, judgment, problem-solving skills, synthesis and analysis,
IT MAKES GOOD USE OF THE INTERNET, (if the internet is not at the heart of the WebQuest, then it is not a WebQuest.)
The Parts of a WebQuest:
Teacher Page
How Can This Help My Students:
A WebQuest helps students navigate their way through the internet, they use data from various resources to answers questions, and they solve problem that requires critical thinking skills.
A WebQuest addresses a variety of issues: curriculum standards, technology standards, and information literacy standards.
3rd Grade Fractions:

Welcome: Franklin\'s Adventure with Fractions
Description: 3rd graders explore fractions with the help of interactive videos as well as interactive activities. Their knowledge will be tested with a worksheet following the completion of their missions.
       Grade Level: 3-5            Curriculum: Math   
 Keywords: Fractions, Whole, Unit, Numerator, Denominator, Fraction Bar
Above is the link to the WebQuest I created for this week's assignment. I was indifferent about WebQuest at first. However, my overall opinion of WebQuest is that it is an excellent tool that can help teachers incorporate so many different vital forms of curriculum in a way that their students will be engage. It promotes individual practice as well as small groups.
I chose to do my WebQuest on fractions because it has helped me create a lesson outline for a lesson I will be teaching next week to a group of third grade students. Along with this class I am also taking REOL, a reading and writing class. Having already created this WebQuest, I now feel more confident in my lesson. However, I intend to play around with the format of my WebQuest some this week and address any issues I see that I can make better or more productive for my students. I enjoyed this experience with WebQuest and I look forward to perfecting the use of this fun interactive educational tool.

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